gunite-unique-patternIt seems everything has a shopping season. During that season, when an item is in high demand, sellers can set their prices higher and still sell the majority if not all of their stock. When an item is out of season, it goes on sale with tempting lower prices. This a relatively well-known practice in the world of retail, but would you believe us if we told you the same applied to swimming pools?

It’s true! The swimming pool industry works no differently than your local department store. Our products (pools and hot tubs) are primarily popular during the hot spring and summer months, making sales and installations skyrocket. In the fall and winter months, homeowners have hot chocolate and roaring fires on their minds, not a dip in the pool. That’s what makes fall and winter the perfect time to purchase a new swimming pool for your home.

  •  – With a fall or winter installation, there will be more available time slots. Pool companies in San Antonio aren’t as busy in the cooler months. Homeowners can take advantage of that situation by scheduling installation times that work well for their personal schedules. This can also mean a faster overall installation.
  • – After a pool installation, landscaping is necessary. If you’ve ever planted or laid sod in Texas, you understand why a fall installation is a great idea landscaping-wise. Your new grass and plants will require less frequent watering and attention when it isn’t a blazing 99 degrees outside.
  • – The weather is more installation-friendly in the fall and winter in south Texas. Once those muggy summer showers go on hiatus, your ground will be prime for the digging, hammering and hollowing out. Swimming pool installation comes to a grinding halt during inclement weather. Cool and dry months are ideal for a safe and fast install. (Not to mention much more comfortable for the installation team!)
  • – Fall and winter installations make financial sense. On top of seasonal savings on the overall price of a new pool, if you choose to finance your swimming pool purchase, the interest spent in doing so can be used at a tax write-off at the end of the year.

You can experience the savings for yourself this fall or winter. Give us a call at Elmer Pools today to discover the value of an off-season installation. Our friendly team can guide and assist you throughout the entire design and purchasing process.