At Elmer Pools, we understand the importance of saving water for both your utility bill and the environment. Evaporation and leaks are the two biggest culprits behind water loss in your swimming pool. Here are a few ways you can save water and still enjoy your refreshing summer swims.

  • Cover your pool when you aren’t using it. Yes, even in the summer. The cover will drastically reduce evaporation, the cause of 70% of outdoor pool energy loss. Pool covers also help to heat your swimming pool, saving you the energy you would use on a heater.

  • If you live in a windy area, place a windbreak near your pool. Higher wind speeds will greatly increase evaporation. Trees, shrubs, fences and bushes are common windbreaks that double as decorative landscaping. It’s important to position them to where the pool still receives sunlight for warmth.

  • Check for and repair any leaks in your swimming pool’s plumbing. Even a pinhole-sized leak will lose hundreds of gallons of water a day. If you’ve already taken steps to reduce evaporation and still notice high water bills and low water lines, there is a strong possibility that your pool has a leak. Call us at Elmer Pools for professional swimming pool leak detection and repair.

A leak in your swimming pool plumbing isn’t the only source of wasted water. Our friends at Mr. Plumber Plumbing Co. shared a few common water wasters in the plumbing world.

  • A running or leaking toilet can use thousands of gallons of water per day! You can follow their simple how-to for toilet flapper replacement if your current flapper no longer stops your toilet from running.

  • Improper use of your in ground sprinklers can waste a huge amount of water. The first step to correcting this is by making sure that your sprinkler heads are designed for the type of plant they’re watering. This prevents over and under watering. Next, set your timer to water for 12-14 minutes in the morning instead of the afternoon or evening. This helps to prevent both evaporation in the afternoon and flooding at night. Finally, don’t forget your rain sensor! This will automatically pause your watering schedule if the earth has already been soaked with rain.

How do you save water in the summer? Less cannonballs? Shorter showers? Tell us your ideas by commenting below!