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Gunite Pools

Gunite Pools

What is Gunite?
Gunite is the process in which a dry mixture of sand and cement is sprayed onto the rebar of your future pool to form its shell. Water is added to the mixture at the point of application, giving the gunite applicant control over the mixture’s sand to cement to water ratio. Control over the amount of water allows Elmer Pools nozzlemen to apply your pool’s shell, steps and special features with precision. This dry-gun application is much preferred over poured cement. Any number of finishes can then be applied on top of the gunite. Plaster finishes can be tinted, to coordinate with the bordering decking or color schemes, or you could customize with attractive tiles or pebbles.

Why Gunite?
Gunite is the only way to a truly customized pool. If you fancy yourself a pool visionary, gunite can be your paintbrush. Because of its dry-gun application, a gunite pool can be any size, shape or depth. Your yard space and imagination are your only limits.This comes in especially handy when installing a pool with limited space or challenging terrain. The professionals at Elmer Pools will work with you ,and the land available, to create your own personal backyard oasis. Gunite is also the preferred medium for luxurious infinity pools and swimming pools with built-in inground hot tubs and spas.

How are Gunite pools different from fiberglass?
As you know, fiberglass pools are premade and then simply set in place. While this makes for a faster installation time, it means limited design options. During gunite pool construction, the possibilities are endless. You Gunite Pool can take any shape your heart desires and can easily add unique features like waterfalls, tanning ledges and in-pool bar areas. Fiberglass pools have a more slippery finish than gunite, which can be appealing to those with sensitive skin, but the plastic-like texture provides a cheaper feeling than that of sturdy concrete.

Gunite Pool Maintenance
Gunite is proven to be the most durable pool option and hold the longest warranties. You’ll get many more years of swimming out of a gunite pool than any other style of pool. As far as chemical maintenance is concerned, each style of pool will require the same amount of attention to balance its pH levels and keep algae at bay. With proper installation, gunite pools are known to go at least 15 years before any small-scale cosmetic repair (chips and cracks) needs to be done.

At Elmer Pools, we take pride in a job well done and love providing our clients with the luxury and longevity of a beautiful San Antonio gunite pool. Call us today at 210-255-2252. Our design team is ready to help you bring your vision to life!

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