swimming poolThe weather is finally warming up. Slowly but surely, flip flops, short sleeves and sun-kissed skin will be back in season. That’s great news for homeowners with a summer-ready gunite swimming pool or fiberglass swimming pool in their backyard. For those who’ve yet to perform seasonal maintenance, here’s a handy checklist from the team at Elmer Pools to have your pool perfectly prepped for summer.

– If you used one, remove and clean your pool cover. Once it’s clean, neatly store it so it’s available when needed.

– Remove all leaves and other debris from the water. Start with a handheld leaf skimmer, and then switch to a floor and wall cleaning brush to loosen any stuck-on algae or dirt.

– Thoroughly vacuum the pool with either an automatic or a handheld vacuum.

– Inspect and clean the skimmers and drains.

– If needed, add water to the desired height.

– Test the water’s pH, alkalinity and calcium levels. Ideally, the pH of the water will fall between 7.6 and 7.8, the alkalinity between 80 and 120 ppm, and the calcium hardness between 120 and 205 ppm.

– Your chlorine levels should be at 1-3 ppm. You will have to continually monitor and maintain these levels throughout the swimming season. To safely and easily add chlorine to your pool, opt for and follow the instructions for a floating automatic chlorine feeder.

If you perform these tasks now while the temperatures are slowly rising, your pool will be in swimming shape for summer. For more tips, or to schedule recurring maintenance give us a call at Elmer Pools. With the Elmer Pools maintenance team, you can leave pool care up to the professionals and focus on enjoying this warm weather.