How to Save Water with your Swimming Pool

At Elmer Pools, we understand the importance of saving water for both your utility bill and the environment. Evaporation and leaks are the two biggest culprits behind water loss in your swimming pool. Here are a few ways you can save water and still enjoy your refreshing summer swims. Cover your pool when you aren’t [...]

Installing a Swimming Pool During Winter

It seems everything has a shopping season. During that season, when an item is in high demand, sellers can set their prices higher and still sell the majority if not all of their stock. When an item is out of season, it goes on sale with tempting lower prices. This a relatively well-known practice in [...]

Get Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer

The weather is finally warming up. Slowly but surely, flip flops, short sleeves and sun-kissed skin will be back in season. That’s great news for homeowners with a summer-ready swimming pool in their backyard. For those who’ve yet to perform seasonal maintenance, here’s a handy checklist from the team at Elmer Pools to have your [...]

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It is our pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf o Dominick Pizzuto and On Time Elmer Pool Co. Dominick was the contractor for the pool installation at our home in the fall of 2012

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